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About Cambodian Muslim

The Muslim Community of Cambodia is a small community of about 6 percent of the total population and they are living in communities all over Cambodia. As a small community who differ from the majority Cambodian in terms of custom and religion, the community to take parts in the country development as many other races.

Like other Cambodians, most Cambodian Muslim live in rural areas, where they are making their living primarily in fishing and farming. Most of them are concentrated along rivers in 6 of Cambodia’s such as Kampong Cham, Kampot, Pursat, Battambang, Kandal. There are 454 Muslim villages across the country.

For the last decade some Cambodian Muslim have turned to such alternative occupation as farming or business ventures, but have found many challenges due to the shortage of human resource and economic development sectors. Most of the youth immigrated to Malaysia and Thailand for job legally and illegally.

In order to develop the Muslim Community, beside the government development projects, we have founded that several Muslim NGOs are working hard to develop in term of infrastructures such as school, Mosques and education but most of the projects were funded for short term by the foreign donors.