About Us

Cambodian Muslim Media Center was founded by a group young Muslim Intellectuals who are keen to uplift the Cambodian Muslim community by multimedia usage in the age of technology as is nationally recognized as a non-governmental organization by the Ministry of Interior of King of Cambodia through the permits number 1366, dated on the 3rd of July 2014, respond to the 5th of Ramadan 1435.


To build a socially just society characterized by economic, intellectual and spiritual development.


To make sure that the accurate information about Islam and Muslim in Cambodia reaches people nationwide and worldwide through the mass media so that people understand the divine truths revealed in the Holy Quran and teh authentic Hadith, as well as by modern logic and scientific facts.


  • To have the Cambodian Muslim Community living with peace and harmony through the development of education, research, disseminating and conveying the true information of Muslim in Cambodia with wisdom and beautiful preaching.
  • To remove misconceptions about Muslim and Islam.
  • And to participate in national development through its activities such multimedia enhancement activities, providing social and welfare assistance to poor and needy.