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150 Muslim Minority in Cambodia received Ramadan Food Packages from Zakat Foundation of America


Phnom Penh : July 2,2015  CAMM-MEDIA.ORG

In the partnership with Cambodian Muslim Media Center, the Ramadan Food packages funded buy Zakat Foundation of America have been distributed to 150 minority Cham Muslim Families in Cambodia.

The Minority Muslim selected to receive Ramadan Food Packages are from Kampong Chhnang and Pursat province where most of the people earn their living by fishing and farming.

Mr. Math Yousos , 50 year-old Chief of Chrolong kaisna Village, representing the villagers received the food packages told our news reporter that : This is the First Big Food Packages the villagers in his village received in Ramdan , we never received like this before and we thanks to all the donors for this .

Speaking with laugh and smile, Mrs. Mai Sit from Tbeng Bongkeap Village of Pursat Province also had expressed her happiness and thankful for the donors who had sent the donation in the time of need, as this year no enough rain for the farming, today we had a sack of rice and many others food items, I am very happy and these food help me a lot, May Allah bless you all, she added.

In the Distribution ceremonies which were hold in two villages of Kampong Chhnang and Pursat Province, Hj. Sles Nazy, President of Cambodian Muslim Media Center, a Local NGO selected as Project Partner said, This is the first time that the Center had received the Fund from Zakat Foundation of America to buy the food for our Needy Muslim in Cambodia for this Holy Month of Ramadan 2015. This contribution had showed us the caring and love from our Brothers and Sisters in America, he added.

Br. Nazy also, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the donors especially Zakat Foundation of America for making this project possible for the sake of our Brothers and Sisters in Cambodia who are living in poverty. He hopes that Zakat Foundation of America would continue to cooperate with Cambodian Muslim Media center to implement other possible projects in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, it is noticed that it is very rare that The Muslim NGOs from America reach and help Muslim on humanitarian and development, while many NGOs from Southeast Asia and Middle East are now well known as good development partners. And recently Turkish Muslim NGOs are starting to implement some humanitarian and education projects So the Muslim NGOS from America are encouraged to visit and help our Muslim minority , Bro. Nazy told our reporter.