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Cambodian Muslim Media Center calling for fund to support its Islamic Da’wah Tv Online Program

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

We pray for your health being always in the grace of Allah Almighty

We have the honor to attach herewith the proposal entitled Islamic Dakwah Program on TV online .As you may see in the following summery of the program proposal , it is very important to promote Islam through the social media while it is getting more and more popular in Cambodia. It will become the first and only media outlet in the country to engage Cambodia’s Muslim online.

This is very important for our Dakwah and I do hope that you will keep this in your serious consideration and find possible way to support us for the sake of Muslims in Cambodia.


A. Objective of the project

Since the general missions and objectives of the three approaches of Dawah in Cambodia are targeting only the Muslim communities, CAMM organization initiate the project with the objective to establish the comprehensive means of delivering the right message of Islam to the non-Muslims and Muslims in Cambodia through TV Program Online.

If the above objective is achieved, the non-Muslim and Muslim communities in Cambodia will of course benefit from this Dawah activities in terms of Islamic knowledge and the mutual understanding between the two communities

B. Project development

To achieve the objective outlined above, “The CAMM” will introduce the Dawah methodology, prospective project partners and financing

C. Project Methodology

The perspective on Dawah methodology described in the following is selected according to the nature and perception of Cambodian. They recently have enjoyed the fruit of economic growth. For this reason, most of the people seek for the luxurious and modern ways of life. For example, they wish to attend any fabulous events equipped with hi-tech equipments, well-arranged and -decorated stages, professional shows, etc. Moreover, they also love to see something which is different from what they have experienced before. As consequence, there are some activities that will be introduced in the methodology of this project

  1. Recording and Uploading on website :
  2. Produce As VCD/DVD
  3. Posting on Social Media Network

This show will bring the audients to the real massage of Islam through the presentation of the of the well-educated Speakers in an hour- show and the Speaker will be assigned to draw the attention of the audient during the show. He will also try to relate everything to the explanation about what Islam is about.

D. Project partners

The organization is looking for the project partners to ensure the support and sponsor. The involvement from partners will surely reduce the operational expense. The cooperation will promise the benefits for the partners in the hereafter. The complete proposal will be presented to the other organizations and institutions to show them how this Dawah Project works and how their benefits will be gained.

  1. Financing

 The organization is searching for the financial support through the local and international charity and fund from the institutions. The complete proposal will be presented to individuals who would like to fully or partially finance the organization’s project.


From the first day of receiving the revelations from Allah, Nabi Mohammad sallal laho alaihi wasallam started preaching those messages among his family and tribe. The work of Dawah has been continued by his four righteous Caliphs and the next generation until now.

All though Islam has been existed in Cambodia for a long time, the right information of Islam seems to be difficult to penetrate into the public opinion. Currently, the most significant methods of Dawah in this country come from three sources: Radio Program, Seminar and Tabliq which their targets are mostly for the Muslim community.

The proposal of this Dawah project is another form of Dawah methodology which concentrates on the Non-Muslim and Muslim in Cambodia. The project objective will be achieved by the engagement of the main events in the country.The outcome of the project will introduce the right message of Islam to Cambodian. The Dawah project is expected to unite and to encourage the participation from Muslim youths. The different disciplines will be integrated in order to achieve the project goal. Therefore, the skills of Muslim youths will be implemented to serve the religion of Allah.

We are looking forward to hearing from those who may concerns.we will send you the detail proposal if requested… Jazakallah khair



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