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Humanitarian Assistance

Besides our media program ,to take part in helping the needy communities , the center also appeal to our good will donors through our broadcast and charitable activities

Emergency Relief : once we have received the news or reports on the emergency needs or help , our team will reach and appeal for help through our media outlets ,then we will bring the donation for them directly and produce the video clips .



  Seasonal Projects:

 Ramadhan : We raise the fund to buy food hampers for the needy in Ramadan, Our Target each year is to provide the food hampers for 1,000 Families in the remote and most needy communities. Also we organize the Iftar Dinner in the Masjids or Surau.




Qurban and Aqiqah 

In Cambodia there are many organizations, associations and individuals have collected qurban money-shares from our Muslim brothers and sisters abroad to perform in Cambodia. However, we have found that some urban areas there is overstock of Qurbani meat, meanwhile there are contrasting conditions in some villages and other isolated area where many people are more in need of Qubani meat. To solve this matter, we decided to put this annual project to implement too but we will do in the most needed and slaughter in Islamic Complaint .





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We received the Zakat Fund from the donors then we will give the  poor through our out reach program to the villages.




Water and Sanitation , Waqaf Water Well

Lack of water and sanitation is one of the biggest issues affecting the health of the people across Cambodia, particularly those who live in the countryside where it’s hot and there is little rain. They are facing difficulties in taking water at place  a long distance from their homes To take part in solving this problem, we are also building the Wakaf Water Well for them . You can donate us individually or by sharing with others start from 200USD to 1200USD for hand pumps. the price is depend on the area and the depth of water access.

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