“There is no deed that Allah s.w.t. loves most during Eid ul Adha other than the slaughter of a sacrificial animal. The sacrificial animal will appear during the day of judgment with its horns, hair and nails as witness to the deed in the name of Allah. The blood of the sacrificed animal is placed near Allah s.w.t. before it flows to the earth. Glad tidings to those who sacrifice”. (Meanings of the Hadith from Tirmidzi, Ibn Majah & Hakim)

For decades, poverty still sustains in the livelihood of Cambodian people, especially, Khmer Rough Regime left in its wake a legacy of illiteracy, and poverty, Muslim suffer from higher rate of poverty than others to these days. To take part in bettering these problems our Muslim Intellectuals had agreed to set up Qurban – Aqiqah Program among many other programs of CAMM, but we need your cooperation and financial support.

This program aims at promoting and propagating the Islamic attitude of helping our Ummah who are living with poverty.

We will offer the qurbani in the name you specify, which will be mentioned at the time of slaughter and will carry out the program in the areas where most needed. Animals are selected and slaughtered in accordance with the

Inshaallah, we strongly hope that with your kind support, the needy Muslim brothers and sisters can enjoy the delicious food and greet the Eid Adha Al Mubarak