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Haji Nazy Saleh, President  

sleh nazy

Haji Nazy had been the Secretary General of Cambodian Muslim Community Development in 2003 and  the driving force behind CMCD’s creation of the “Voice of Cham” radio program, for which  he have served as the Broadcasting Director since its inception.  In this capacity he oversees all aspects of the program’s content including broadcast production, story writing, and news presentation.  His educational background includes a Certificate of Journalism from the Independent Journalism Foundation (2005); journalism training at Radio FM 93.5 (2004); and a B.A. in Hotel Tourism Management, Norton University, Phnom Penh (2003) and Master Degree of Development (MDM). As amemebr of the board directors of Islamic Council for Development and now also working as Vice Chairman of Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia.


Mr. SLES ALFIN, Vice President


Alfin Sles is currently a Vice-President of Cambodian Muslim Media Centre (CAMM) and, he also holds various leading positions for Islamic local NGOs in Cambodia. He is a CEO of Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA), and a president of Cambodian Muslim Student Senate Club (CMSS).  Prior to these appointments, Alfin was a research assistant of Global Centre for Islamic Banking, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia and he was a head of news reporter team and content coordinator of the “Voice of Cham” radio program broadcast via FM103Mhz, which he has involved till now. During his campus life in Phnom Penh, Alfin was also appointed as a part-time Education Officer of revolving leadership program of Cambodian Muslim Community Development (CMCD).

Alfin earned a Master degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from Insaniah University College, Malaysia and was awarded a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Norton University, Cambodia. He has extensive working experience and exposure in Islamic finance, media, leadership and community development.  In addition to his career, Alfin was invited to be a speaker and participation in many local and international conferences, workshops and seminars.

Mr. Kry Nora, Program Manager

bong nora

Nora, had been involved with community works after his graduation B.A of Information Technology at Norton University ,Phnom Penh . He used to work as an Administration Officer several years for Cambodian Muslim Community Development and Community Projects for Muslim Aid Cambodian Field Office and the Head of Administration at Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance . With his capacity he is now oversee and plans the related projects of our center and for the time being he is also help with office administration.



Mss. Asimah Binti Saleh, Treasurer 


Asimah , has been working volunteer as part time Host for Radio Sapcham ( the voice of cham ) for more than ten years after graduation B.A of Accounting at Norton University in 2003 . She is a now an accountant at a Private Company ,and even if she had been busy with her full time ,she also take her free time to work with us to monitor on the financial management.



Mr.Ly Rostan, IT Officer

Mr. Ly Rostan , very active in media creation and keen to produce video clip, as his University Degree is Information Technology(IT). He spends most of his time on graphic design and video editing. Heis now perusing his Bahasa in Indonesia.




Mr. Sren Alave, Multi Media and Chief Reporter 


Alave , is one of the volunteer youth who keen with community work through out his University Life of B-A Hotel and Tourism Management. With his talent of good voice for radio program ,he work for volunteer host for Radio  Cham  for many years up-to now . He was trained as reporter and video editing and now he oversee the reporting and daily productions for our TV Online program.